9 Horse postcards for the benefit of the ALS Netherlands Foundation!

Martine from BellaVie PhotoArt has photographed the beautiful Andalusian stallions of Sabien Zwaga in a fairytale setting. The first reaction was: “How beautiful!!!! They could be postcards.” Together with Sabien, it was decided to make 9 great postcards and offer them for sale.

The profit from this goes to the ALS Netherlands Foundation, which conducts research into combating this progressive muscle disease. Martine gives this foundation a warm heart because her sister died of this terrible disease in 2020. It is nice to be able to contribute to this in this way.

This initiative was developed in collaboration with various parties. Thanks to:

Do you also want to contribute to this great cause and receive 9 beautiful postcards?

Price: € 14,95 (incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)