Once in a while, in the middle of an
ordinary life, love gives us a fairytail

Ik kan me helemaal voorstellen dat jullie het belangrijk vinden dat het met de fotograaf op jullie bruiloft klikt. Daarom is het ook fijn dat we vooraf vrijblijvend een gesprek kunnen aangaan waarin we meteen wat informatie kunnen uitwisselen. Jullie over hoe de bruiloft er uit komt te zien, en ik over mijn werkwijze.

Waar mogelijk bekijk ik de locatie vóór de bruiloft met het bruidspaar. Op de dag zelf zorg ik dat alles perfect wordt vastgelegd maar dat ik zo min mogelijk duidelijk aanwezig ben. Zo zorg ik er bijvoorbeeld voor dat ik zachte schoenen (of pantoffels) aan heb in de trouwzaal zodat je me niet hoort lopen. Het zijn kleine dingen, maar het wordt erg op prijs gesteld.

Ook laat ik niets aan toeval over. Zo heb ik bijvoorbeeld altijd 2 goede camera’s bij me mocht er onverhoopt iets gebeuren met één van de camera’s.

Er is ook een mogelijkheid voor een second shooter. Diegene neemt foto's  van momenten die ik niet kan pakken. Als ik me bijvoorbeeld richt op de uitwisseling van de ringen kan de ander de reacties van de gasten fotograferen. En worden beide blikken bij de first look vastgelegd:-) Zo zorgen we voor een mooi totaalbeeld van de dag waar je met veel plezier op terug kan kijken!

Basispakket bruidsfotografie

€ 895,00

  • Minimaal 3 uur fotografie
  • Ieder uur extra € 100,00
  • Digitale foto’s in hoge resolutie op USB-stick
  • Exclusief reiskosten (0,39 ct/km)
  • Reistijd is voor helft van klant en helft fotografe
  • Inclusief BTW

Standaard pakket bruidsfotografie

€ 1.395,00

  • Dagpakket van 8 uur fotografie
  • Ieder extra uur € 100,-
  • Digitale foto’s in hoge resolutie op USB-stick
  • Exclusief reiskosten (0,39 ct/km)
  • Reistijd is voor helft van klant en helft fotografe
  • Inclusief BTW

Luxe pakket bruidsfotografie

€ 1.895,00

  • Totaal pakket van 8 uur fotografie
  • Ieder extra uur € 100,-
  • Inclusief luxe trouwalbum (35 x 35cm)
  • Inclusief 2 minialbums met 6 mooiste foto’s voor bv. ouders
  • Inclusief USB-doosje met USB-stick met foto’s in hoge resolutie
  • Exclusief reiskosten (0,39 ct/km)
  • Reistijd is voor helft van klant en helft fotografe
  • Inclusief BTW

BellaVie PhotoArt
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Tia MageeTia Magee
19:09 26 Oct 23
We were very grateful to have Martine as our photographer on our wedding day. She captured all of our special moments and all of the emotions very well. Not only is she professional, but very homey. She made us feel super comfortable and relaxed at all times. We definitely recommend her and will definitely come back for more pics when is needed. Thank you Martine! You are amazing with you skills and personality😊
Emely FeysEmely Feys
16:12 18 Oct 23
Such an amazing experience to join her on the photo trip to Andalusia. Every setting was different, which gave me the opportunity to have so many different types of pictures for my portfolio. Real pieces of art. She is both professional, friendly and accessible for all types of explanations during the trip. Memories and lessons who will last a lifetime.
Ida HIda H
14:18 18 Oct 23
Went on a photo trip to Andalusia with BellaVie photoart at the beginning of October. Everything was super organised, from the hotel to the models and locations, everything was arranged down to the last detail. I will definitely come again next year.
Henk SchefferHenk Scheffer
10:06 14 Oct 23
I looked at the photos of the wedding and the video, they all looked great. Does excellent work. Super nice and takes the time for you.
Anne BanteAnne Bante
08:05 06 Oct 23
Do you know a wonderful, sweet and fantastic photographer, yes I do, namely Martine. Had her capture our wedding on August 19th. one word Great. I have never had such a nice experience taking photos before. patience, rest and above all everything just went smoothly. I am so very happy that Martine and Yvette made this day perfect together.I therefore 1000% definitely recommend BellaVie!Do you want beautiful photos that are taken in a relaxed manner without you having to worry about this yourself? Will this go well? then Martine is the right place for you.
Valentijn LastValentijn Last
13:28 02 Oct 23
Dear Martine,What an incredibly sweet person you are!How you helped us all day, apart from taking the photos at our wedding, was really great! Including how we were still able to hold the ceremony on the beach, partly thanks to your help. We are very grateful to you for that. The way you thought along with everything, looked for solutions and constantly tried to find the perfect picture was very pleasant. And your enormous enthusiasm even made being in front of the camera fun instead of awkward.We can't wait to receive the photos, but we are confident that they will be a great success!
Mirjam HeshusiusMirjam Heshusius
12:33 31 Aug 23
I was helped very kindly.I always feel uncomfortable, but during this shoot that was gone in 10 minutes!Even after the shoot I had the photos with 2 days!That's really fast!My compliments!Definitely book a shoot here more often 🥰
annemarie van Tilborgannemarie van Tilborg
12:38 06 Aug 23
Very nice photographer to work with and turns photos into gems!
Maaike KeulartzMaaike Keulartz
06:23 25 Jul 23
What an educational and fun day!I followed the basic manual photography course with Martine.Where I started as a layman in the morning, I was able to deliver a well-exposed sharp photo at the end of the day! Even some super good action shots!Continue with this and who knows, maybe a step further with the next course in a while!
For Haarsharp Photography I did a editing course. I learned new things again, but also gained a lot of inspiration. Recommended!
Romy BoterbloemRomy Boterbloem
09:02 10 Jul 23
Martine is a really nice person, always smiling and welcoming. The photos she takes are always perfect, she really loves animals and the photo's of dogs and horses she takes reflect this. Perfect timing and light and setting etc.
Tabe KooistraTabe Kooistra
07:44 10 Jul 23
From automatic mode to manual settings on your camera. The workshop was just what I needed to learn the camera and its capabilities. Very educational, fun and the practical part was super! For me it was the step I had to take to develop further. Professional, good atmosphere, I will definitely go back for workshops!
Aga KarmolinskaAga Karmolinska
07:33 02 Jun 23
Recently, I attended BellaVie PhotoArt's photo tour to Portugal. We shot beautiful horses in interesting places, but most of all, the atmosphere that Martine created was amazing. She is a very easy-going person, full of positive energy and able to address and resolve all the situations that might happen.She is keen to share her knowledge and she helps the inexperienced photographers to get their shots properly.I am planning to go for more tours with BellaVie PhotoArt!
Sue McIntoshSue McIntosh
11:38 01 May 23
I really didn't want to do this review, only because it would allow others to share this incredible experience I had with 5 other amazing ladies and Martine of course !The tour was amazing multiple different horses in different settings at different times of the day. Accommodation was fantastic too and the food and hospitality was first class4 days of total immersion in to the photography of horses jammed packed with incredible horses, owners and like minded people.I've mad some fantastic friends from around Europe and Martine and her family are just such fabulous hostsIf you get a chance to do any of the tours you won't be disappointed ...........memories to last a lifetimeThank you !
10:26 26 Apr 23
I participated in the April'23 International Photo Journey and I'm very happy to award BellaVie PhotoArt with a 5* rating. Martine and her team welcomed us at her home very warmly, arranged a beautiful overnight stay in a nearby B&B and apartments. We had breakfast and most dinners at her home were served by her family members who have spoiled us with delicious food.Surrounded by peace and nature, we were given a briefing about the program which, just as expected, held a lot of wonderful shooting opportunities in store for us. Martine is super well organized, has a very light and positive contact not only with us group members and clients, but also with her coworkers, horse owners and whoever else is involved in the process. I found it very nice that we got quick reply on our emails and overall communication worked out super smoothly and efficiently. Everything happened on time, no delays, great shooting places and beatiful horses with experienced human and equine models, owners and handlers. It was really an enriching experience on all levels. During the shooting Martine was always concerned with everyone leaving the scene with nice pictures and a feeling of success and accomplishment, helping out with technology or photographic doubts, accompanying us to the photo store if anyone needed to buy card supply or technical assistance. On the very last day we had the opportunity to have an editing session together and to clarify any doubt or question we might have. I find Martine very attentive, kind, intelligent, warm and welcoming - She treats everyone like a new friend. I loved these 4 intense days and I'd be more than happy to attend more photo journeys with her. These days were packed with great photoshoots. Loved it!!! Thank you!Andalusia'23 Tour - 5*Small group of interesting people, positive vibes, very well chosen B&Bs, very nice shooting locations, charismatic photo models (both horses and owners). Looking foward to participating in future tours with BellaVie! Thank you so much for yet another wonderful equine photography experience ! It's not just about an ever growing and diversified portfolio; these tours are somehow very emotional for me, because they combine lots of good things in one week only!Switzerland'24 Photojourney - 5*I wasn't expecting myself to be booking yet another trip with Martine in such a short period of time! And here again - 4 days filled with beautiful places, horses, SNOW. Even if we had had a streak of bad luck Snow-wise, I'm sure that Martine would have arranged a stunning plan B. You rock, Martine!!! Thank you! Looking forward to meeting you in Portugal in May of this year.
Gunnel AndersonGunnel Anderson
15:55 25 Apr 23
Everything about the workshop was wonderful. Martine is such an inspirating instructor, and very well organised. We had beautiful horses in beautiful locations. Very dedicated owners with a good relationship with the horses. The apartment we stayed in was of a very high standard. And the food Martine gave her at her house was excellent. All in all a truly marvellous experience with a very good atmosphere amongst all the participants
Rebecca de MendoncaRebecca de Mendonca
13:02 25 Apr 23
We had a truly wonderful few days with Martine de Leeuw on her Bellavie International Phototour in the Netherlands 2023.Martine is an incredibly helpful tutor, and creates a culture of positivity, inclusion and fun, while generously sharing her knowledge and expertise. The models and locations were all excellent, and the accommodation was perfect.It was a great privilege to be welcomed into Martine's home everyday for great food provided by her lovely mother and husband.We had a very special few days, and I cannot recommend it enough. It surpassed my expectations and was great value for money. I cannot wait to do another Phototour with Martine.
Maureen FliellerMaureen Flieller
10:10 24 Jan 23
Not only is Martine a very talented photographer, but she is also a very kind and gentle person. I was lucky enough to host a photo tour for her in Switzerland, and I was amazed by the way she is so empathetic with all participants, ensuring each one would learn interesting things, feel good at all times and be happy of their photos. I am so grateful she gave me that chance to work with her, and I can only recommend this amazing photographer to you.