Online Coaching

Further development from home!

Coaching fotografie

Photographers often work solitary. It is not always easy to tune in with a colleague when everyone needs it. But even if you have just started and you want to develop yourself, but if you still have many questions, it is nice if there is someone who is guiding and advising you.

How do you create many followers who will see your work? How do you get the assignments you would like to have? How do you ensure that you can start a business that you can live on?

Or would you like to know, for example, how I edit photos so that you can immediately apply this knowledge, but are you unable to come to Lelystad regularly?

Then Online Coaching is perfect for you!

Via Skype I can watch (and cooperate) with your photos and we can focus exactly on what you want to learn. Accessible from both the Netherlands and abroad.

Depending on your need, I offer 3 packages in this. From a one-off session to the extensive package where we also apply what we have learned in practice.

Bronze online coaching


  • 2,5 hours online coaching
  • Coaching goes through skype and telephone

Silver online coaching


  • 5x 1,5 hours online coaching
  • Coaching goes through skype and telephone

Gold online coaching


  • 4x 1,5 hours online coaching and 3 hours practice
  • Coaching goes through skype and telephone