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Een pakket waarbij je de tutorials van een jaar krijg zien krijgt. Je begint dus al meteen met 12 tutorials. Iedere maand komt er een tutorial bij en gaat de ‘eerste’ er weer af. Alle tutorials zijn in het Engels.

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March 2024:
Photoshop develops rapidly. In this tutorial I will show you a new, easy way with Beta to blur the background.

February 2024:
In this tutorial I will introduce you to the use of dust overlays. How do you apply this and how can you ensure that the overlays match the photo? I use 2 photos and three overlays. Includes the 3 dust overlays and a sky.

January 2024:
In this tutorial I will not only show you how to convert a summer photo into a snow photo, but we will also make the photo wider and show a technique to change the shape.

December 2023:
In this tutorial we combine three stallions with a beautiful background so it will become a photo where owners dream about. Including background for the silver and gold subscriptions.

November 2023:
In this tutorial a fairytale atmosphere is created by adding a nightsky with stars. I explain how to add this in a way that will look fluidly. Including the nightsky for the silver and gold subscriptions.

Three stallions

October 2023:
Sometimes you photograph different stallions from 1 owner. It would be nice to have all the stallions in the same photo in action. This is not always possible. But the solution is in Photoshop. And that is what we will do in this tutorial.


September 2023:
In this tutorial I will show you how to make an action for Photoshop. And this time also a very handy one which you can use every time you want to adjust a photo for social media.

August 2023: 
In this tutorial I show you how to select hair. At the same time we add another background en make sure it looks realistic.

July 2023: 
In this tutorial we add not one but 2 different textures behind the subject. This way the subject pops out way more and the photo becomes more special. Including the used textures.

June 2023:
In this tutorial I will take you with me in my proces to select photo's from a large session. And then we are going to edit different photo's in Photoshop Beta which is now available as a trial but will be something for the near future.
We remove photohalters, add a sky, flying birds, a lighthouse and water with reflection.
We use different photo's to show you this.

May 2023:
In this tutorial I am editing a photo from the BellaVie PhotoArt International Photo Tour. We were on the beach and took a picture of a beautiful Andalusian horse with white Sherpherds. The dog on the left is not facing in the right direction and we will place it on the right in this tutorial. We are also going to make a hanging ear upright. And overall the photo is slightly adjusted so that the subject stands out nicely.

April 2023:
In this tutorial I will show you how to retouch a person’s face without using presets or actions and without losing the details. I also let the eyes pop out more, applying the same technique to the eyes of the owl.

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