Tutorials pakket Part 1: Juli 2020- Juni 2021

Alle 12 Engelse tutorials uit het eerste jaar (juli 2020 - juni 2021) van het jaarabonnement nu beschikbaar! Met achtergronden en overlays die in deze tutorials worden gebruikt.

12 tutorials BellaVie PhotoArt – Part 1

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July 2020:
In this tutorial we will put a totaly different background in the photo. Including grassoverlay and backgroundphoto.

August 2020:
This photo has gone worldwide and in this tutorial I explain how I edit this one. We will remove objects we don’t want in the photo. We will also put the dog a little bit closer to the horses and put a totaly new sky in the photo. Then adjust the rest of the photo to the colors in the sky.
Including skyoverlay and sunoverlay.

September 2020:
In this tutorial we combine three photo’s to one. A seperate photo from the trees. A photo from the horse and a sky. I explain how to combine this the best way.

October 2020:
In this tutorial we will remove a photohalter but it is most about making a normal photo a bit special with playing with dark and light areas.

November 2020:
When you do a shoot in the Fall and you have beautiful leaves on the ground it is always nice to make the photo a bit more warm (in a good way) and let the fall colors pop out. Also add some falling leaves. Including leave-overlay.

December 2020:
In this tutorial I will explain how to make a ‘dustphoto’. We will add a dustbackground and make sure that the horse will incorporate in the background in a very natural way. Including dustoverlay.

January 2021:
Make a new atmosphere in the photo fitting the setting.

February 2021:
A tutorial where I explain how to make a waterphoto into a snowphoto. We use the whaterdrops and let it fit in the snowbackground. Including snowbackground and snowoverlay.

March 2021:
In this tutorial I will show you how to get a mystic atmosphere in a photo in the woods. We get rid of the green tones and make the dog pop out a bit more. Including lightoverlay.

April 2021:
In this tutorial we will combine 2 photo’s. We will get rid of the disturbing objects and put a dog from another photo in this photo.

May 2021:
In this tutorial I will explain what’s the easiest way to remove a person that’s standing in front of a bush (always very hard to photoshop this). I will teach you what I already take into account while shooting this scene.

June 2021:
A different way of editing. Make a normal photo pop out in a bit of a rough way.