Tutorials pakket Part 2: Juli 2021- Juni 2022

Alle 12 Engelse tutorials uit het tweede jaar (juli 2021 - juni 2022) van het jaarabonnement nu beschikbaar! Met achtergronden en overlays die in deze tutorials worden gebruikt.

12 tutorials BellaVie PhotoArt – Part 2

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July 2021:
In this tutorial I will show you how to blur a background without the annoying ‘halo’ effect.

August 2021:
Making photo’s with backlight on the beach and still make your subject look bright and beautiful is not always easy. The photo’s of this photoshoot have been spread all over the world and many of the comments were: “this just looks like a painting…beautiful!”. In this tutorial show you how I edit this photo.

September 2021:
Two beautiful horses in beautiful action but with a disturbing background. I show you how to change this background and let it be more about the horses.

October 2021:
We all like to dream away now and then. So I did when I edit this photo. Made a Pegasus out of it. How to place the wings the best way? I will show you!

November 2021:
You want to add a warm vibe to the photo? No presets used. In this tutorial I show you how to do this.

December 2021:
How to change a normal photo into a snow photo. Of course including the overlay I used but that counts for all the tutorials.

January 2022:
Get rid of the greens in the photo and change the position of the horse.

February 2022:
How to make the photo really special. The subject is there but I show you how to make it even more beautiful.

March 2022:
A little bit of fine art. So in this tutorial I tell you how to photograph this and then how to edit it so it will pop out!

April 2022:
A photo made in Spain and sometimes you see the potential even more. Tried it out with sand dunes on the background (included in this tutorial) and it became even more special.

May 2022:
In this tutorial I show you how to change the sky and add a shadow to your subject.

June 2022:
How to get rid of the green/yellow vibe in the photo and make it more like a fairy-tale photo.