Tutorials pakket Part 4: Juli 2023- Juni 2024

Alle 12 Engelse tutorials uit het vierde jaar (juli 2023 - juni 2024) van het jaarabonnement nu beschikbaar! Met achtergronden en overlays die in deze tutorials worden gebruikt.

12 tutorials BellaVie PhotoArt – Part 3

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July 2023: 
In this tutorial we add not one but 2 different textures behind the subject. This way the subject pops out way more and the photo becomes more special. Including the used textures.

August 2023: 
In this tutorial I show you how to select hair. At the same time we add another background en make sure it looks realistic.


September 2023:
In this tutorial I will show you how to make an action for Photoshop. And this time also a very handy one which you can use every time you want to adjust a photo for social media.